Admission 2024-25 - Admission for the academic year 2024-25 is now open.

Thank you for visiting us and for considering Chavara International Academy for your children’s educational experience in Kerala.. Chavara International Academy offers children aged three (3) to eighteen (18) years old. This school has aspired to provide a quality education to the international community since its commencement, and continues to attract high caliber students and faculty. Among the many anxieties that families face when contemplating a move to a new school is whether they will be able to find the right school for their children.

We recognize that it is not always easy to know what criteria to use when judging a school or what questions should be asked to find out if a school fits the family’s needs. At many schools the admissions process can make even the toughest, but not at Chavara. We have an admissions team who are dedicated to making this a smooth and easy experience. I invite you to join us by exploring our school website as the primary source of information about our school. We have taken significant steps towards improvement and we will continue to do so in the months and years ahead. Our website includes an overview of our educational approach, including our mission, vision, values and information about our various programs.

While our website will certainly provide a glimpse into our school community, nothing compares to seeing and experiencing a school in person. As the Admissions / Development head I have an opportunity to see our outstanding programs and our mission in action every day, and I invite you to visit Chavara International Academy and experience it for yourself, too. We are delighted at the prospects of your family joining our school community and look forward to working together with you through our admissions process.

Admissions Policy & Procedure

Admission to the school is restricted by the policies of the Management and by the conditions of age, ability and conduct. Hence applicants for admission will be tested and admitted in the standard they are found fit.

At the time of admission the students should be personally introduced to the principal, by his/her parents / guardian, who will be responsible to the school authorities for his/her studies, conduct, regularity and discipline.

The Principal reserves the right of refusing admission to a candidate without ascribing any reason for it. He also reserves the right of refusing continued studies of any pupil whose conduct is found not satisfactory or who is not benefiting by his stay and study in this school.

The Management reserves the right to admit or refuse pupils seeking admission to the school. Similarly, the Management decides when the question of retaining a student in the class arises.

  • Birth certificate. (once admitted NO CHANGE OF DATE OF BIRTH WILL BE ENTERTAINED)
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  • Aadhaar Number
  • 4 Photographs

Pupils seeking admission in higher classes may be tested on the syllabus of the standard below the one to which they seek admission.

Admission is formally completed only when the form has been filled and submitted to the office, school dues are paid and the form is signed by the principal. Payment of fees, writing the entrance test or an interview does not necessarily mean that admission is granted.

Admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Any attempt to use influence, unfair means or recommendation for admission, will lead to automatic disqualification.

The school does not have any agents for admission.